Vitruvian FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)


The Vitruvian FUE method is a new revolutionary hair transplant procedure that innovates both in the Extraction and Restoration process. Pioneers of the FUE technology on a large scale, AlviArmani has been exclusively using this harvesting methodology since 2006, now in its 8th year as the sole harvesting method practiced by AlviArmani surgeons. 

Combined with artististry in facial framing utilizing facial dimensions unique to each individual, dense packing, and megasessions of 5000fu in one day, and led by an advanced reaserach and development team, AlviArmani uses only proprietary instrumentation, technique, and tools to acheive your desired results.

Executive non- shave FUE

Patients for whom discretion post procedure is desired can elect between the following 3 options made available:
1.  Executive Buzz-  This entails leaving your hair on scalp top unshaven for the purposes of the procedure.  Limited to 2000fu in one day, patients can expect to resume public appearance in 2-3 weeks.
2.  Executive Non-Buzz-  For patietns/executives whom need a quicker rate of recovery and the need for an expedited post procedure concealment course, this session is limited to 1500fu in one day and involved leaving the hair in the donor region largely unshaven.  The shaven areas will be concealed with longer surrounding hairs.
3.  Executive Non-Shaven-  For patients whom are in front of the camera or have a public profile, this session is limited to 500fu in one day.  Recovery time is minimal, and patients can expect to be public in 3-4 days.
Body Hair Transplant/Harvest Facial Hair Restoration


We at AlviArmani understand the importance that facial and body hair plays in our patients lives.  We have advanced and are pioneers in body hair harvesting/transplants (chest, back) and facial hair restoration including eyebrow restoration providng a facial subframe, beard and eyelash restoration.



Corrective Procedures


Encompassing most of our procedures, 70% of AlviArmani's clinical time  is dedicated to repair procedures.  Experts at scar revision, flap repair, angle correction, correcting facial framing, we have found that the best approach to prevent further corrective procedures is to plan carefully before your first procedure.  Please inquire regarding the scope of our procedures.





Using the body's own inflammatory process and its repairative mechanisms, PRP with the use of autologous platelet concentrate can be used as an adjunct to your procedure or used independently to prevent further hair loss, stabalize current shedding, and induce follicular neogenesis and growth.  An exciting new therapy that is increasingly being used for further indications including skin rejuvanation, joint repair,"vampire face lift," and numerous other uses.


Utilizing the artistry that AlviArmani has been known for in addition to the most advanced tool and technique in this new developing field, an organic vegetable dye based iron oxide free pigment is selected based on your skin tone to simulate the look of hair.  Applications of this technique could be used for increase in appearance of density, creation of hairline and facial framing, scar repair (flattening and camouflaging).  Effects are not permanent and  a touch-up will  be necessary every 2-5 years depending on patients needs.


VIP Procedures
We understand that the decision regarding a hair restoration is a difficult one and careful planning and consideration is needed.  We provide full concierge services to all patients whom request.  For our VIP procedures, Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi will be intraprocedural for the entirety of your procedure and will have active role post procedure.  Daily visit to your home or hotel for a week will be included as well as the most advanced and therapeutic products will be supplied for a year after your procedure.  Full travel services also are availabe for patients who require so.